Outdoor structures can provide shade, protection from the elements, and a place for outdoor entertainment. Gazebos is one such structure that can transform the look of your backyard with a relatively small investment. Once you enjoy your first dinner outdoors in the comfort of your own patio, you will be glad that you made this decision.

They are centerpieces of beauty that can be perfect places to host an event or simply to relax and be closer to nature. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be installed with accents such as lighting or water features.

What We Do?

At Serenity Decks, we specialize in the design and assembly of gazebos in all sizes and materials. From wood to vinyl, just tell us your needs, and we’ll install it for you. We specialize in:

  • Gazebos Design
  • Gazebos Installation
  • Wooden Gazebos
  • Gazebos Assembly
  • Gazebos Maintenance
  • Vinyl Gazebos

We offer many styles, materials and sizing options to ensure we build the gazebo of your dreams! This great addition to your yard can be as personalized as you wish. From shape to railing, open or closed concept, your expectations will be met.

If you are interested in professional gazebos design and installation in Toronto, look no forward than us. We can provide expert design, quality installation, and outstanding customer service from beginning to end.


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